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Take back valuable time and strengthen payment controls with end-to-end accounts receivable & payable solutions.
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Fully compliant and transparent
Official payments Partner
End-to-end credit control and debt recovery solutions
Streamlining your payments and collection processes with our customizable solutions
Credit control and debt recovery software
Invoicing & Automatic Reminders
White-label invoices with your company’s branding, contact details and all relevant terms and conditions. Easy to set up , manage, Collect invoices and improve your cashflow.
Offering multipal payment methods to your customer, easily accessible with a pay-link and QR codes. One-Click convenience boosts on-time payments.
Friendly multichannel payment-reminders through email, SMS , Direct Mail, or WhatsApp. Managing instalment plans and securing higher payment rates.
Accounts Payable and Receivable outsourcing
Credit control as a service
Generate faster processing times and quick payments to your suppliers , employees and gain visibility into your receivables transactions with Expedius Credit.
Our accounts outsourcing service ensures you stay on top of your assets and liabilities to retain the smooth functioning of working capital of your business, and maintain a cash flow.
Convenient payment through QR codes, pay-links and payment pages. Outsourced credit control services. Flexible support, tailored to the needs of your business.
Debt Collection
No Collection, No Fee
We provides a fully comprehensive debt collection service that uses the most advanced techniques to trace debtors and recover money owed.
We work with businesses of all types and sizes, from start-ups through to large corporate companies who operate in a multitude of different industries.
Our business process outsourcing (BPO) / white label collections solution is designed to be bespoke, to meet clients' requirements so they can concentrate on their core business activities while knowing their customers are receiving the right treatment.
Debt Purchase
Delivering value through debt purchase
Our flexible and transparent approach to debt purchasing helps you to improve cash flow and reduce costs, while ensuring compliance and protecting your brand.
We are the leading debt purchasers in the UK, offering fast, efficient negotiating and purchasing of your corporate debts.
Sell your non-performing receivables, increase liquidity, minimise bad debt losses and expenses in accounts receivable management. We buy your B2C receivables and assume the risk of reduced collectibility.
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A process that works
Developed by a leading credit control and debt recovery specialist, the process our software uses has collected over £420 million for UK small businesses.
Maintain relationships
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Multiple payment methods
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A smarter accounts receivable collections software
Debtwise reduces costs and improves cash flow by letting you efficiently manage customer communications with structured, automated processes.
What it does
Debtwise's credit control and debt recovery software features include:
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Automated process
A proven credit management process that does all of the thinking for you.
Early warning alerts
Detect potential credit risks earlier to keep you and your business safe.
Unlimited users
Create user profiles for every one of your team members that needs access.
Unlimited invoices
There’s no limit to the number of invoices you can upload to your itsettled account.
Accountancy software integration
itsettled integrates quickly and easily with all the main accountancy platforms.
Unlimited credit checker & credit reports
Free access to credit checks and reports from directly within your itsettled account.
Credit management resources
There’s no limit to the number of invoices you can upload to your itsettled account.
Pause the process
itsettled integrates quickly and easily with all the main accountancy platforms.
Customer support
Free access to credit checks and reports from directly within your itsettled account.
How it works
3 easy steps
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Get started
Request a demo and let us help you set your Expedius Credit account
Either sync your accountancy software or upload your invoices directly to debtwise.
You get paid
Debtwise keeps working until you get paid the money you’re owed and your cashflow position is improved.
Hassle-free Debt Collection - Receivables Management Service
Get paid sooner with a debt collection agency you can rely on
Automatically sent at the right time, the consistent communication looks as if it comes directly from you.
Keep track of all customers and invoices in the dashboard. Easily pause the process and set up payment plans.
We operate a no collection – no fee service for all undisputed debts. We assess the level of work involved and build bespoke pricing for each case.
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Make cashflow worries a thing of the past
The Debtwise web app offers full functionality and is all you need to manage your receivables. Use it to create customers, submit invoices, monitor progress and update data. Debtwise credit control and debt recovery software collects your invoices fast, reduces risk, and improves your cashflow.
Coming Soon
Unlock efficiency and automate processes by implementing our RESTful API. It is easy to integrate and can be scaled to any business logic. The API is the perfect solution for creditors with a large number of monthly claims or invoices.
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You already have an existing invoicing solution? No problem! You can use our direct plug-ins and start collecting.
Prices & Services
Receivables Management Services – our End-to End-Platform
Expedius Credit is a receivables management services platform, which takes care of your receivables from A to Z. Our services cover all of the tasks of a revenue assurance department, including billing & dunning, installment plans & dispute management, pre-legal & legal collection, payment processing, and even debt purchasing.
Invoice to cash
Automated credit control and debt recovery software
Managed Credit Control Services
(incl. billing, dunning, customer communication,installment plans and more)
Debt Collection
Legal procedures, dispute management and more
Debt Purchase
Significantly reduce time-to-cash and reduce collection and recovery costs.
You are in a good company
Legal & Professional Consultants
Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Expedius Credit, and not just chase invoices myself?

Do you really chase all your invoices on time? We’ve found that many business owners say that they have an effective credit control system - but in reality don’t have the time or knowledge to chase their invoices successfully.

What is accounts receivable?

Accounts receivable is a term used to describe amounts owed to a business or an institution by a client or a customer, i.e. when an online-sale is made on account. also describes accounts receivables as “unsecured promises by customers to pay in the future”. These amounts are crucial to a firm’s liquidity. This means that companies (especially SME’s) need effective solutions and modern collection strategies, in order reduce the risk of late payments and additional administrative and financial burdens. Such strategies often involve external debt collection agencies, that are taking over the collection process in exchange for a fixed fee or a small commission.

Can I integrate Debtwise with my accounting software?

Yes! We highly recommend integrating with your accounting software for the easiest and most time-effective way of chasing your overdue invoices. We currently have the option to integrate with FreeAgent, QuickBooks, and Xero. If your accountancy software isn’t currently an option, let us know. We’re always looking to expand!

What are the benefits of integration?

There are lots of benefits to integrating itsettled with your accountancy software. Mainly, you can save even more time, as integrating allows you to bulk upload invoices. This means you don't have to spend time uploading each of your invoices individually.

Is your process legally compliant?

Yes! Every process we use at Debtwise is legally compliant - we have developed and enhanced this process over the past 12 years at our sister company Expedius Credit.

How do I get in touch with you?

Got a question or want to chat about things? E-mail us at , or use our live chat function (you can find it in the bottom right hand corner) and one of our friendly team will get in touch with you ASAP.